Putter Reviews - Before Changing Your Putter…

Putting is usually the one area of the game that causes golfers of every league the most amount of stress when playing golf. There are numerous times when a game of golf is lost because of yet another three put. One way to illustrate the importance of putting in golf is the film “Happy Gilmore.” Of course, this is comic in comparison but you will get the idea that in any professional tournament, the person that putts well usually wins with the golfer that can drive the ball consistently over 300 yards.

So the secret is to master your putting technique and have a great putter in your golf bag. There is no need to fret about finding a great putter since like all golf technology, putter technology is advancing quite rapidly to help those in need. There are new types of putter being developed to help re-invent many golfer’s techniques and games making it easier for them to lead a putting stress-free life.

However, before you go and buy a state of the art putter, it is best to read golf putter reviews first. This way, you will be more knowledgeable in what you actually want to invest in terms of golf putters and what it can do for you. You do not want to buy something and later on decide that it is not for you and discard the newly purchased putter.

There are plenty of golf putter reviews available online (visit online golf communities, read articles in golf magazines and get the opinion of your friendly salesman from the golf shop you so often visit and purchase golf equipments from) The more opinions and golf putter reviews you collect the better to help you decide which putter will best suit you and your golf putting needs.

Types of Putter:

The following are some basic information to help guide you with choosing your golf putters:

• Face Balanced Putters - great for those that have a straight stroke that goes back and forth.

 Toe Balanced Putters - best suited for golfers with an in to out to stroke.

• Blade Putters - the classic design traditionally used by players worldwide. This type of putter will suit a player with a straight putting stroke.

• Peripheral Weighted Putters - it has more head to it than the blade putter. Will suit golfers with an in to out to stroke (similarly to toe balanced putters)

• Mallet Putters - many players use this as an alternative to blade putters. This kind of putter will suit players with a straight through and back stroke.

Even with all the technology surrounding golf putters, you should use the one that is most comfortable and feels good to you. A great putter may help you with your putting stroke but the most important part to master your putting stroke is confidence in yourself.