Mizuno Putter - Get Your Best Putter

Golf is a game loved by many and the best way to win is having the right putter to enable you hit the golf ball perfectly. Putter is a club used in golf from very close range to the cup. It is designed to give the player a technical advantage such as smooth stroke, good glide, strong impact and to reduce the bouncing of the ball. It also gives a perfect fit to shaft and length.

That Beautiful Mizuno Putter

The Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sports equipments and sportswear global manufacturing company. They are a leader in the manufacture of golf clubs and accessories noted especially for their forged irons which is the current top choice of professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Tommy Nakajima, Darragh Hare, Luke Donald, and Sandy Lyle.

The Mizuno putter has received the Silver in the 2009 Golf Digest Hot list which is showing insert free but feels like softness construction. Even if there are no inserts, the honeycomb face milling may make the putter look different but not make it perform any less.

These putters are especially designed and ideal for both the professional and amateur golfer. Fifty percent of the golf game uses putts and putters are the most used clubs compared to the whole set that gofer’s caddies generally lug around. The best player of the game generally putts the best and arguably, the best designed and weighed putter is the Mizuno putter.

The engineering of the design just starts off with the forging of the iron. It is designed by the Bettinardi team that pays attention to detail in the design and is reflected in the soft feel of the putter. No, there is no insert, it is the design of the putter itself that gives it the much admired F.I.T. or Feel Impact Technology that is found in the Mizuno Bettinardi Black Carbon Series Putters.

The series have three different head weights for the 33”, 34” and the 35” lengths. The designers felt that they wanted to create a soft buttery feel to the hit without resorting to insert and they succeeded beautifully.

Some customer review call it a sweet and classy putter that can give the player a solid all around performance be they beginners, amateurs or professionals. If the professionals prefer this brand, then it will not be a mistake to try one out now. The quality of the design just reflects the firm determination of both designers and manufacturers to the gentlemen’s game of golf.

The Mizuno Putter provides the golfer the tools that may make or break the game. Without putters, the game is lost and if the design is flawed with uneven weights, then definitely, they would not have deserved their medal.

The series and other equipment can be viewed and bought online direct from the company are fantastic discount prices or the dealers that carry the trusted name in sports, Mizuno of Japan.