The Callaway Putter

Used Golf Ball DealsThe Callaway Golf Company was founded in 1982 by Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Today it is a highly successful and trusted brand in golf equipment trusted by amateurs and professional alike.

Twenty five years later, Callaway has lead the golf equipment industry with their innovations and designs. From its short history of a vintner who decided to buy a fledgling golf manufacturing company and selling his equipment from the back of his car, these golf clubs are now considered one of the top in the world.

Callaway recognizes the importance of the putter, seeing that most of the golf game uses the putt and the putter rather than the driver. With the computer controlled machines used to create the putters, the high quality product produces the much regarded consistent results.

There are several Callaway putters with a number of variations on each model. There is the classic Big Berth which is a one piece cast iron putter that gives the player a larger hitting surface while giving in to maximum control.

Then there is the Callaway Odyssey putter, a T shaped putter that gives bigger weight distribution giving the player the opportunity to make accurate hits. This particular tool is distinctive because of the design on the top of the putter where the player can make accurate alignments with the ball they are trying to hit.

But of all the putters, it is the I-Trax which has a futuristic computerized design that is incredible precisely weighed and evenly distributed. The balance of this design has made it the ultimate of the Callaway putters. This is made out of aluminium so it is lightweight, but the twisting is eliminated because of the three different weights distributed along the shaft. This makes it a very forgiving tool to weld and is perfect for beginner players.

Anyone can get hold of the Callaway putter, either direct or from distributors that carry the brand. Go online and view the various designs and get a set if you feel like playing golf. The fine tuning of the tool is computer precise which makes it free from errors. It is almost perfect in its design and performance and it is a joy to feel the hit.

Browse the internet and find the different online sites that carry this brand. If you are looking for a cheap Calloway putter, go into sites that offer second hand equipment, the Calloway is listed for certain.