Get Your Best Putter

Golf is a game loved by many and the best way to win is having the right putter to enable you hit the golf ball perfectly. Putter is a club used in golf from very close range to the cup. It is designed to give the player a technical advantage such as smooth stroke, good glide, strong impact and to reduce the bouncing of the ball. It also gives a perfect fit to shaft and length.

Getting the right putter that works for you is a factor in having the best golf game. Putter’s grip is not completely round and has a flat top and has a curved underside. It has a bent shaft to allow for stability. The curving on the surface gives an allowance of where the ball lies and increases the swinging of the ball. The golfer can easily swing the ball as they play.

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Having mass a far away from the center of the clubface increases the momentum of the club that in turn reduces the twisting of the ball slightly off center therefore giving the club more contact with the ball.

Winning the game or having the best play depends on the type of putter you choose and the experience you develop in using your putter. There are many types of putter in the market since they improve with technology and design to allow you get one that works for you.

The major types are the mallet, peripheral weighted and blade styles. The weight and shape of putters are available in variations like the short thicker head slightly curved from front to rear (hot dog putter), L-shaped side profile with a thin, flat clubface. There is the one with thin block along the bottom of the club behind the face. There are ones that have replaced metal at the sweet spot with softer polymer compound that gives and rebound an impact which increases the peak force on the ball for better distance.

The other brands or types of putters are the Scotty Cameron putter, belly putters, odyssey putters, long putters, mallet, ping and yes putters. Getting the best putter that will ensure you are comfortable with the game and raise your winning chances requires careful selection of the putters you buy. Some are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, brass, copper or zinc. Heavy head putters produce slow and consistent strokes that run short. While the light ones give a fast stroke that run long.

A putter that is too long or short throw off your view of the putting line therefore get the right length that is comfortable for you. The best putter varies from one golf player to another, try all types and eventually find one that works best for you.